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Outboss Love- Fun Happy Valentines Day


With SweetStamp OUTboss™ it's never need easier and prettier to make beautiful toppers for your cookies and cupcakes! OUTboss allows you to create a 3D raised design on your sugarpaste/fondant, modelling chocolate and gum paste, the reverse to embossers. It's so easy use, even kids can get involved!

Additional Details

  • Instructions: Roll your fondant approx. 3mm thick, place your Outboss ™ on top of your fondant and press down with your PickUpPad or rolling pin, lift up the outboss to reveal the design & paint or leave unpainted as desired.
  • Outboss is perfectly designed to fit the average cookie and cupcake topper.
  • Made with thick high quality, certified food grade plastic you can be confident you're investing in equipment to last a lifetime.
  • Hand washing advised with warm water.