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Penny 'Lil Fortune



How to use these Dusts: Edible Dusts have a wide range of uses:

  • Mix with alcohol (vodka) or clear flavoured extracts (vanilla, lemon) to make edible paint
  • Use with a brush as decorative colors with stencils or to enhance sugar flowers
  • Mix with corn syrup to color icing (butter cream)
  • Knead dusts into fondants to achieve a desired shade
  • Stir into white chocolate
  • Add dust to a dry ingredient to color cake batters and icings

Crystallized Pearl Airbrush Instructions: Mix 1 gm/1/4 tsp, Tinsel Tiara (silver), Ancient Inca (gold), Satin Souffle (ivory), with 60 ml/2 oz vodka. Shake until well combined. Pour into airbrush cap. Apply 2/3 coats to give a beautiful shimmer.


Product Care

Edible Dust Care: When using edible dusts keep brushes, palettes and any other tools utilized while creating with our colors separate and designated for food use only.



Tips: When using our colors dry brush method for enhancements use very small quantities due to the rich intensities of our colors. Start from the outside edges and work inwards. Repeated brushing deepens the colors and gives a beautiful sheen to your creation. Colors can be layered to create new shades and give a three dimensional depth. To create edible paint add a drop or two of clear vanilla or liquor (such as vodka) to dusting powders, pearls and lusters to make desired consistency and color density. Dusting powders, pearls and lusters can also be added to warmed (edible) cocoa butter in small wells of a palette tray. The palette of cocoa butter must be kept warm on a heating tray or pad while painting. Apply confectioners’ glaze or sprays/lacquers to obtain a brilliant shine if desired.