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Blossom Creative Studio- Flower Creating Kit (18pc)


Create a gorgeous bouquet of fondant flowers with our bestselling set of multi-functional moulds and cutters. Simply roll out your fondant then mix up different cutting tools with moulds in petunia, fleur or large hydrangea shapes. The set is easy to use and gives you endless possibilities, making it a great choice for beginners and professionals alike. *Online Exclusive

Additional Details

  • Each set includes

    • 3 double-sided, non-stick, food-safe silicone moulds.
    • 15 stainless steel cutting tools in different sizes.
    • Flower shapes in petunia, fleur and large hydrangea.
    • Fully dishwasher safe.
    • Clay and sugar don’t mix. Please use a separate mould for your food and non-food projects.