The Easiest Ever Peony & Carnation Flower Making

Watch this sweet little video to learn how to easily make your own peony and carnation sugar flowers. 

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Encanto Cake by Sweet Sticks

Hello Sweet Sticks lovers! We are back with the most enchanted South American inspired film cake ever. This 'Encanto' Inspired cake demonstrates all different ways to use Edibleart Paint. From painting a whole entire cake, to intricate small detail and dusting fondant with Paint Powders. All products listed.

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Create Beautiful Chocolate Art Using Cocoa Butter! With BabyCakesBakeryyy

Using a couple different techniques, you can create fun, bright colourful designs on many different types of molds! This is my example of a fun Easter egg that can be filled with desserts of your choice, OR to leave hollow. I got my egg mold and sugarflair cocoa butter colours from Sweet Art Creations. They have a large selection of colours and many fun molds for different occasions.

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Royal Icing Vintage Truck Cookies

See how color can change the appearance of your painted royal icing cookies. Use multi-colors and shading to achieve a splash of color - or stencil in black to create a more modern, simplistic look.

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How to FONDANT in the heat and humidity!

Sarah from Satin Ice showcases Tropical Formula Fondant!

• formulated for optimum performance in hot and humid conditions • extended working & drying time extra elasticity
• no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives

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The PERFECT Cake Drip

The FMM Drip Icing Cutter allows you to create a drip to adorn your celebration cakes without the mess or the stress! No longer do you need to risk using a liquid drip, you simply cut your drip from fondant or modelling paste and apply to your cake as either a single piece or in a continuous drip around your cake. Bring a uniqueness to your wedding and celebration cakes by creating drips in a variety of colours and let your creativity go wild.


Follow this HOW TO video to nail the look!

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How To Use Caking It Up Mesh Stencils

NEW fine detail like you've never seen before! Unlike ordinary stencils, the Mesh system allows for ultra fine and more intricate patterns by holding inner pieces of the stencil together. They are perfect for double barrel cakes and taller tiers.


Find out exactly HOW TO in this cute little video.

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